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The Buzzsaw
Welcome to the Buzzsaw

The Buzzsaw is a free editing tool. It automatically scrubs annoying words, phrases and jargon from your text. Just paste your draft in the box, press the button, and your text will be checked against a list of thousands of buzzwords and annoying phrases.

For a word or phrase to be added to the list, we have to find evidence that a significant number of people hate it. Words are mostly sent to us by journalists, writers and social media addicts. Some of the words and phrases will be a bit divisive, like the taste of coriander, but trust us: enough people have told us that they make their skin crawl for us to be confident that they should be included.

If you’re the sort person who finds ‘reach out’, ‘hubby’, ‘turnkey solutions, ‘U OK Hun’, ‘ten more sleeps’, etc, annoying beyond words, this is the service for you. If there’s a word or phrase that you’re likely to find irritating, the chances are that the Buzzsaw will find it. If we haven’t, let @HamishMThompson on Twitter know and he’ll check it. If he can find evidence that others hate it, he’ll add it.

To keep the Buzzsaw up-to-date we regularly poll thousands of media contacts. Toe curlers include ‘repurposing’, ‘reach out’, ‘circle back’, ‘solution’, ‘best of breed’, ‘next-generation’, ‘web-enabled’, ‘leading’, ‘value-added’, ‘ping me’, ‘leverage’, ‘seamless’, ‘awesome’, ‘Brits’, ‘super excited’, ‘the very DNA’, etc, are struck out by the Buzzsaw (...and breathe out). The Buzzsaw’s ground-breaking technology is a web-optimised turnkey solution two bits of coconut connected by string. You get the idea.

The Buzzsaw can also be used for speeches, memos, advertising copy, TWEETS, FACEBOOK POSTS, or any other documents in which clarity and harmony are more important than irritation and obscurity.

It can also settle debates at work. If your boss insists that describing your business as a ‘global leader in adhesive labelling solutions’ is a better way of saying it than ‘we sell stickers’, the Buzzsaw will adjudicate.

We hope the Buzzsaw helps. Jargon just gets in the way. We want you to be heard rather than just part of the herd.

The Buzzsaw was invented by publicist and PR strategist Hamish Thompson. If you’d like to argue with him about choices or omissions, you can find him on Twitter.

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