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Paste your press release, speech or any other statement into the box and press the ‘Buzz it’ button. The copy is instantly checked against our buzzword database and is returned with the buzzwords crossed out.

You’ll find the Buzzsaw strikes out some phrases that are useful (or even essential) in certain contexts: if you’re writing a report on space travel, it’s not rocket science to realise that you might need to write about rocket science. Ditto, “drivers”, if you’re pitching to a car manufacturer. You might be using a phrase ironically, or just like it: “al desko”, for instance – we’ll strike it out, but what you do with it next is up to you.

The Buzzsaw is maintained by Hamish. You can send your suggestions for additions to the list via the Contact page, or by tweeting Hamish Thompson.

The ‘How Not To’ Guide to PR

The How Not To Guide to PR

Hamish Thompson also runs The ‘How Not To’ Guide to PR, the hugely popular unofficial guide to PR. This guide features the contributions of several hundred journalists, writing or editing for national and regional papers and trade magazines or reporting for broadcasters.

Periodically he writes out, inviting them to submit their worst examples of PR and media relations practice. He also captures tweets from journalists that sum up their frustrations. The guide is widely read by PR professionals and is used as a training manual by some of the world’s largest consultancies.

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